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Inspire the next generation

Agora Branding is a creative digital marketing agency based in Derry, Northern Ireland. With years of experience working in graphic design, marketing, business development, and digital strategy.


The founders of Agora Branding are strong creative women. Ailish Mc Cafferty is a creative content designer and entrepreneur. Maria McKeever is a professional marketer, Generation Z researcher, and strategy mentor.

Our mission is to deliver innovation in brand strategy. Our focus is on the emerging trends that are shaping the lives of young consumers and the brands they trust. We value ethical and transparent marketing practices that build authentic, trustworthy brands.

Brands are more than logos, colours, and design; they are real people. Customers and clients are real people. At Agora we keep it simple; we make a difference by making powerful connections between real people.


We deliver marketing plans with creative brand strategies. We can help you with websites and eCommerce solutions. We develop digital marketing campaigns to build awareness and reach your audience. Our approach is to mentor our clients with training and templated content plans. This empowers you to reach your marketing goals.


Our clients are diverse. We work with nutrition and wellness professionals, Fashion designers, and a Tech For Good company. In the community sector, our clients work in mental health services and improving outcomes for young people.


If you would like to work with us please get in touch and we would love to have a chat. 

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