About Us

The Agora (/ ˈæɡərə /; Ancient Greek: ἀγορά agorá)

The Agora was a central, public marketplace in Ancient Greece where people would gather to trade & speak.  For centuries It served as a busy marketplace where merchants and artisans congregated to buy and sell, and it also provided a platform for the Athenian political and intellectual life.


Sound familiar?  Yeah!  There is a place were we go to trade & speak every single day.

The Internet is The Modern Agora

The place you need to be, making an impact with an innovative game plan.

Agora deliver brand building strategies capable of withstanding the challenges of the digital market place. With a focus on researching emerging trends that are shaping the lives of consumers and the brands that they trust. Our aim is to help you to reach your business goals with a sold marketing plan that takes the guess work our of brand strategy and digital marketing. We deliver innovative brand strategy, digital marketing campaigns, and eCommerce solutions for our clients.

Maybe your growing business needs guidance in the right direction or you need help transitioning to the world of technology?  We would be honoured to be a part of your amazing new journey. Our ethical and transparent marketing practices will ensure you build an authentic, trustworthy brand, establishing that all-important lasting impression, visually & strategically.


Maria McKeever

​"I specialise in helping clients really get to grips with defining their core customer, so that we can create strategic plans which position their brand effectively in their niche.


My years of experience have given me a laser sharp focus on identifying the needs of the customer: it drives everything I do. I believe that every time a business owner makes a decision be it about branding, strategy or marketing they should first ask 'how this will impact our customer?' and I love this approach because it always works" 

Ailish McCafferty

"I specialise in content creation & graphic design, establishing aesthetic, modern results for brands that want to stand out from the competition.

I love getting to know my clients. I want to see what they are seeing, feel what they are feeling and really get inside the head of the brand creator. That way I know I will achieve the perfect finished product. A design that will inspire the next generation so that you can be the brand they want."