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Brand Style Guide


Ensure your brand identity remains consistent with this amazing set of guidelines designed around your existing logo.  Complete with a fantastic 3-page document which we will create especially for you. It will act as a rule book that you can share with designers, printers and team members so that you can relax knowing that your brand visuals remain uniformed regardless of who is creating the content & materials that represent your company.

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Have you ever noticed that as your business starts to grow and more content is being produced, consistency becomes harder to maintain?


Your brand colours or fonts may not be the same as when you first started. Maybe the style of your content is always changing. This is a problem that needs immediate attention!


Consistency is key to creating a feeling of familiarity and brand recognition for your audience. It creates trust between you and your client and a Brand Style Guide is the solution you need.

When your brand visuals are in harmony with your brand style guide, you are on your way to creating a brand identity that your audience and clients will grow to know & love.

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Colour Palette



Profile Pics

Bonus Cover

We will help you define your brand colours and set to work creating your colour palette. This will consist of swatches of each colour and details of their hex codes, RGB values and CMYK color codes so that whenever you are asked for this information, you will confidently know the answers.

We will also help develop your brand typography, clarifying each font and when it should be used. You will also receive the font files for future use.

We will create a moodboard of the styles of images that should be used in your branded content, providing you with the image files used so that you can include them in future designs.

You will recieve 3 profile pics to use across your social media platforms. These images will be based on your logo with different colour variations.

How could we provide you everything you need to create a consistent visual presence without completing the look with a complimentary Cover Image to add that finishing touch to your socials.

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I love working with Ailish and Maria. The Brand Handbook has helped me to discover the strength in my brand story and strategically grow my business with an authentic connection with my customers. 

~ Shauna Shiels Director Doire Dress Ltd