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Updated: Apr 5

Instagram rolled out new Following and Favourites feed options, giving users the choice to sort their feeds and see content posted chronologically from the people they follow or content just from their favourite people.

What are Favourites and Following?

The new Following option reverts back to the original chronological feed that we loved on Instagram when it first arrived. The Following feed will display the latest posts from the accounts that each Instagram user follows in reverse chronological order. The Favourites option show the latest posts from a selected group of accounts that are followed, also in chronological order.

The standard Home view, which is Instagram's feed ranked using a proprietary algorithm, is still the default option. Instagram said it believes that "people have a better experience on Instagram with a ranked feed," so the company does not plan to be "defaulting people into a chronological feed." Because the Home view is still the standard view, the new Following and Favourites feeds cannot replace it as the default.

More choice and control over what you see in your feed

Instagram is rolling out the new chronological feeds as of March 23rd, and they can be accessed by tapping on the Instagram logo in the top left corner of the home page to choose either Following or Favourites.

I was curious to see how soon Id see the new update and it arrived on screen this morning. Here's a video of how I navigated it for the first time.

Video of the new Instagram Feature Following and Favourites feed options

The Following feed shows all Instagram accounts that I follow, while in Favourites I can includes up to 50 accounts which I manually added to my Favourites list. Posts from accounts marked as favourites will then show up higher in the standard home feed and will be marked with a star icon. This is similar to the Close Friends options available on Stories which I rarely use.

My genuine first reaction as a under was pretty underwhelming- I am not particularly interested in the feature because I cannot really see the benefit. It feels like Instagram have taken a step back to the old in an effort to align its experience with tat of the TikTok Following and For You Page options. Perhaps I am a bit jaded as a seasoned Digital Marketer. So I will do some research and ask a range of Instagram users who are pure consumers and not business owners or marketers and let you know what the feedback is!!

What does the new Instagram Feature Following and Favourites feed options mean for Business Accounts?

...Maria's take on this news...

  1. Earn Your Spot We have long been in a challenging battle promoting businesses on mature platforms like Instagram and this feature will allow users to have more control and curate an Instagram feed that inspires them, therefore, Earn Your Spot with a developed Social Media Marketing Strategy

  2. Help people get to Favourite you With so many changes to Instagram users and Business owners are getting overwhelmed but tell your followers you are aware of the new feature. Research proves that telling your audience that their actions Help Your Small Business Grow is really impactful for consumers so Tell Them. Perhaps include an Add me to your Favourites call to action to your content.

  3. Plan, Test, Track and Iterate Be aware of the change include it in your planning document. Keep an eye on your insights and Iterate if needs be. Let's wait and see how Instagram users adopt this new feature. It requires some active participation for users to set up and I'm not convinced may take the time unless a clear benefit emerges for their overall Instagram Experience

So Get in touch and tell me what your take on this is; Do you have the new feed options yet? Do you Care? Do you have any questions?

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