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Your brand is the soul of your business. It's how every aspect of your business makes your customers feel and when you know your brand, your reasons for being, who you are telling your story to and how you will present it to them, you will no longer waste time and energy hoping and wishing for customers to just come along.

You will be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, offering real value to your niche audience.

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The Brand Handbook is a beautifully produced branding tool to help business owners focus on building a brand to support their business success.

Every business owner needs to have ownership of their Brand Story, Brand Strategy and Brand Identity. You are the creator of the brand, we are the graphic designer and marketing consultant.


Ailish & Maria take you on an easy to understand, self-guided exploration of your brand using The Brand Handbook as your guide. You will dig deep into the heart of your brand, challenging yourself to build a unique brand, not just a business. It is an amazing journey of brand discovery that is truly worth your precious time and effort.

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We will begin with writing your Brand Story as you step up to own the authentic narrative created about your company, focusing in on the reasons why your brand exists and the unique value you bring to the market. Creating a brand story with real emotional connections with your audience, results in meaningful engagement online.


Once you know what truly drives your business, you will be able to shout it from the roof tops! In this section, you will evolve and define your brand story, helping you create authentic relationships between you and your customers.

Brand strategy creates the path that will connect your brand with your target audience, by recognising who needs your products / services, where you can find those people and how you will reach out to them.


Our customer-first approach to Brand Strategy puts your customer at the centre of your marketing efforts. In this section, you will define your customer types and develop a game plan that works. We will help you overcome these challenging, yet extremely important steps that most businesses avoid. No more shying away from this time-consuming task - it's time to go get 'em!

The final section builds your Brand Identity; the visual elements that represent your business. It's how the world sees you and will make you instantly recognisable to your customers & followers. Your audience will determine the quality of your product or service based on your brand identity and how it resonates with them.


Now that you know everything about your brand and your target customer, it's time to perfect a brand image that is aimed at them and will be sure to grab their attention. In this final section, we will guide you through the development of your brand identity, helping you create an amazing brand that your audience will grow to know & love.

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I love working with Ailish and Maria. The Brand Handbook has helped me to discover the strength in my brand story and strategically grow my business with an authentic connection with my customers. 

~ Shauna Shiels Director Doire Dress Ltd